Spread the words.

I love traveling. I used to live in Holland for a few years before I moved to the United State.

I also did live in Taipei, Taiwan for a year and of course lived in my beautiful country, Indonesia for half of my life.

I had been to at least 18 countries, 17 states and 105 cities in the USA,

15 cities in Germany and many other cities overseas.

I will go for anything from hiking, camping out,

museum and all of those fun things.

I enjoyed white water rafting at De Joncel, Montpellier, Paris

as much as kayaking in The American River Parkway, Sacramento, CA.

And I still crave traveling for more.

I used to take thousands of pictures of places where I had been to but unfortunately, a lot of them were missing, either lost at the trip, bad pictures or my friend/ex’s who were traveling with me took the pictures and we lost contact.

I tried as much as possible to preserve the pictures.

My point is, we can lose money, material things but travel is the best teacher and learning experience that we don’t get at school. Travel is the best memory that you can’t replace them with material things. A friend comes and go. Material things can be gone in a blink of an eye but the memory will be there forever. Unless you lose your memory too.

Pictures coming soon….

Enjoy all !

Spread the words.

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