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Health It's So Random

What You Eat Matters! Use Myfitnesspal to Keep Track Of Your Eating Habit

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s easy to remember what you had for dinner yesterday, but what if I asked you what you ate last Friday? Most of us have difficulty keeping track of our food choices. When you don’t record what you’ve eaten, it’s easy to overeat. Recalling what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is one thing, …

Health It's So Random

Stop Wearing Sneakers without Your Socks Because You Are Harming Your Feet More Than You Think

Reading Time: 4 minutes There can be something oddly satisfying about wearing sneakers without socks. Your feet feel light, and there’s no bulky sock between you and your shoe. Perhaps you know deep-down that it’s not good for you, and maybe that’s part of the appeal of skipping out on socks. You might be fine at first, but this …

Health It's So Random

Use “Zombies, Run!” and Your Running Experience Will Never Be Bored Again

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let’s face it, running on the street can be a dull experience. We usually end up following a fixed route, and it doesn’t take long to lose our sense of purpose or desire to push ourselves. I know what you’re thinking. You like to listen to upbeat music while you run, as this keeps your …