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One Day You Will Meet Someone Who Just Feels Right

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One day, you will meet someone who feels right. Your mind won’t go into overdrive, your senses won’t go into high alert, and your heart won’t ache painfully at the thought of him.

You won’t have to stalk him on his social media to find out information about him. You won’t have to spend endless moment analyzing his every action. You won’t have to suppress the words you want to say and restrain the love you feel for him in fear of scaring him away. You won’t have to wait for the stars to finally align or the timing to be right before you can get together with him.

Instead, his intentions will be crystal clear. He will grab hold of any chance to show you how much you mean to him in the little and thoughtful things he does for you. He will be eager to spend time with you and make time for you. He will be ready to be with you as if you are who he’s been looking for all his life.



One day, you will meet someone who makes you believe in love again.


You will fall for someone when you are not looking for love. When your heart is an empty tomb from all those who hurt you. When your walls are impenetrable with no chance of a crack of sunlight peeking through. Your soul will batter and worn from all the damage you’ve endured.

Yet, despite what you went through, he will make love easy and natural. He will make you want to open your heart and trust. He will make you want to take a leap of faith and love him as though you’ve never been hurt.

One day, you will meet someone who feels the same way as you do. He won’t deceive you with elusive lies and glamorous promises but will treat you with sincerity. He won’t casually dismiss what you and he have but will be serious towards you. He won’t denounce the relationship he has with you and instead will announce it proudly for everyone to see.

And instead of just loudly proclaiming how much you mean to him and not doing anything, he will show you, quietly, every day, how deep his feelings are for you.

He won’t promise you the world, but he will make you a part of his.

There will be no inkling of doubt that he is the one for you. There will be no uncertainty about his feelings. There will be no room for confusion about his intentions.

He will accept you the way you are. He won’t care about what you can do for him. He won’t want you to be someone you are not.

One day, you will meet someone who makes you feel like yourself.

You will be you when you are with him. You won’t have to convince him of all the ways he should love you. You won’t have to wait in vain for him to realize his feeling for you. You won’t have to be ashamed, as through you’re a dirty secret he has to hide from everyone.

In fact, everything will become simple. You will say what is on your mind and you will let down your guard. You will relinquish control and cast away all your fear and misgiving.

You will push away all the old hurt from your painful past and step boldly into the future with him.

One day, you will meet someone who is right for you, and he will remind you why it has never worked out with anyone else.

He will show you that love is tender and beautiful – just like how you always envisioned. He will love you- the way you deserve.

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