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Quotes About Change To Make Life Better

Reading Time: 2 minutes The sun wakes, we wake. Positiveness always make a difference and great changes to your life. Read the following good quotes to boost energy for a brand new day! Featured photo credit: pixababy via GOAL. TO MAKE AN INCOME WHILE MAKING my life my choices my mistakes. my lessons not your business. Make bold choices …


Find the Best Quote of the Day That Boost up Your Life

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fulfill your day with the most uplifting quote of the day! You will see how powerful the quotes can be. Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment. Credit: (via xxbimmer I try not to make the same mistakes today that I made yesterday. Credit: Darrell Royal Also, I’m …

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20 Things to Remember When Society Says You Aren’t Bikini Ready

Reading Time: 3 minutes         Yes, it’s that time again, and with summer comes societies constant reminders that you are not bikini ready. Did you not stick to your new year’s resolution about hitting the gym? Have you had a few too many ‘Netflix and Cheesecake’ evenings? Did it just not cross your mind until the …