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Lately, I’ve encountered an issue with Citizens Bank, as they have alleged that I engaged in fraudulent Bitcoin transactions. I’m curious about the grounds for these accusations. Could it be due to my gender or my lack of experience in trading? It’s worth noting that I previously worked as a day trader at a Forex company when I was just 20 years old, where part of my responsibilities included seeking out clients with at least a 10k investment in Forex

As Bitcoin was emerging, naturally, I dabbled in cryptocurrency investments from time to time. I’ve also assisted individuals who were unfamiliar with the process of acquiring and selling cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. This isn’t my initial foray into Bitcoin; I had previously purchased Bitcoins about 7-10 years ago for a relatively modest sum.

My funds have been put on hold by Citizens Bank, and I’ve been unable to access my bank account. Additionally, my ATM card from the bank has been deactivated. The lady from their fraud department who contacted me earlier that day seemed quite upset, almost as if I had taken her money. She mentioned that there would be an inquiry into both my account and my finances, and she inquired about the frequent wire transfers I make to Gemini and CashApp for Bitcoin purchases.

I’m perplexed by the notion that a bank, such as Citizens Bank, could suspend my bank account without any apparent justification. Is there a formal complaint against me for any alleged misappropriation of funds? Have there been instances of insufficient funds being withdrawn from my account? Furthermore, the manner in which I receive money and invest in cryptocurrencies should not be a matter of concern for the bank. How I manage and allocate funds within my account should be my prerogative.


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