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20 Things to Remember When Society Says You Aren’t Bikini Ready

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On the beach




Yes, it’s that time again, and with summer comes societies constant reminders that you are not bikini ready.

Did you not stick to your new year’s resolution about hitting the gym?

Have you had a few too many ‘Netflix and Cheesecake’ evenings?

Did it just not cross your mind until the weather become warmer?

Whatever it is, summer and the holidays are here again.

So that means (in society eyes) “focus on being insecure, we want to fat shame you!”

But although you are being constantly pumped with these awful messages you are also responsible. “How, why, what!?” I hear you scream but like it or not, you are.

You are the one in control of your mind and internal environment, so when outside messages upset and annoy you, it’s an indication that you are out-of-control from your internal environment.

Advertisers know this and they know that people who have no control over their internal environment are heavily affected by the environment that surrounds them.

Hence the reason why phrases like ‘fat shaming’, ‘body shaming’, ‘beach ready’ even exist. These phrases stem from negative situations that the individual has failed to control within themselves.

So, what are you and your extra body bits supposed to do?


20 Things to Remember When Society Says You Aren’t Bikini Ready


I know that a few images with uplifting words are only the tip of the iceberg when you don’t feel that your body is bikini ready.

You need to know how to use these messages too so it makes a difference in your life. What you need to break through is your subconscious mind and the messages it’s secretly telling you. You can do this by replacing the repeated messages it already has, with messages you actually want inside your mind.

  1. Start by choosing 1 or 2 of the messages from above that resonate with you.
  2. Repeat this message to yourself several times first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to sleep (10-20 times).
  3. Write it down repeatedly every day. The more the better (minimum 10 times a day)
  4. Look in the mirror and repeat your special message to yourself whilst looking at the parts of your body you hate
  5. HIGHLY IMPORTANT: Without this last step none of this will work for you. If you do not use #6 you are wasting your time!
  6. Before you repeat any words or write anything down it is crucial to get yourself into a real state of ‘feeling’ of achievement. Take 2 – 5 minutes and close your eyes, breathe slowly and feel that you already achieved the goal you want, which is self-acceptance. Feel that you have already accepted your amazing body, know that you are one of those body confident people. Fill your body with the happy feeling that self-loving people truly feel.

So, if you were worried about those extra jiggle bits you need to accept that they are part of your beautiful body. Have you ever considered that the more you try to alter your natural state the more you are subliminally telling yourself that you are not good enough?

This painful ‘hamster wheel’ cycle only keeps you in a state of unhappiness. What’s life without happiness?

Accept and love yourself because you are 1 in 7 billion. Being 1 in 7 billion should be a sign that we were not designed to look, act, or be like anyone else which is why you only find sadness when you try to do so.

Thanks for reading.

If you know someone who would make use of these body booster tips, then you can make a difference today.

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