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10 Best Travel Gadgets That Will Revolutionize Your Travel Experience

Reading Time: 7 minutes Unpacking your suitcase and setting up your first destination can be an overwhelming task. Here are 10 travel gadgets that can help organize and simplify your trip. There are many travelers who attempt to simplify their journey by packing as lightly as possible. But this can be quite challenging because a moment’s loss can put …


In Memory of the World Trade Center, New York 1999

Reading Time: < 1 minute The World Trade Center construction project is a unique engineering challenge. The Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world when they built. The original design for the World Trade Center included 47 steel columns, which provided structural stability to the towers. The World Trade Center construction project is a global engineering marvel and …

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Invest in Yourself

Reading Time: 5 minutes What’s your new year’s resolution? Do you want to have financial freedom? Do you want a flexible hour to work? What would you do if you have the capability to have financial freedom by investing on a lucrative forex trading and cryptocurrency? Start your new year’s resolution by investing in cryptocurrency. There are few cryptocurrencies …


How Jotting Down Ideas in 30 Seconds Boosts Creativity

Reading Time: 3 minutes An adult has an average of 50,000 thoughts every day. Now try to recall 100 of those thoughts from earlier today. Pretty hard, right? It’s normal to forget most of them as our brains have to filter out unnecessary information so that we don’t go insane. [1] The problem is that we forget a lot of great ideas …

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How to Be happy Again after the Breakup or Lost.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Breaking up suck! Either breaking up from a relationship. Breaking up from a job. Lost one of a family member. Any form of separation from the person that we had spent so much time together on day to day life, that gave us so much joy and memories. Either good memories or bad memories, that …