Explore Canada’s Top 8 Majestic Marinas That Will Leave You in Awe

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Hey there, are you planning on exploring Canada anytime soon? Well, if you’re a fan of marinas, then you’re in luck! There are so many beautiful ones to visit all over the country. From coast to coast, you’ll find stunning views and top-notch facilities that will make your trip unforgettable.

Picture this: clear blue waters surrounded by lush green forests or towering mountains. The air is crisp, and the sun is shining down on you as you stroll along the docks admiring the boats. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Some of our favourite marinas include Victoria Inner Harbour Marina in British Columbia, Quebec City Marina in Quebec, and Halifax Waterfront Marina in Nova Scotia. Each one has its unique charm and offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy.

Whether you’re into fishing, sailing, or just lounging around taking in the scenery, these marinas have got you covered. Plus, they’re great places to meet fellow travellers and locals who share your love of boating.

So why not add a visit to one (or more) of these fantastic marinas to your Canadian adventure? You won’t regret it!

Canadians have a deep appreciation for their lakes. Canada has every reason to boast, with over 50% of the world’s natural lakes residing within its borders. Canada’s area would be smaller than the USA’s if it weren’t for its lakes.


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This article examines 8 of the largest marinas in Canada, located on 6 different lakes.

1. MacDonald Turkey Point Marina

With approximately 750 seasonal slips on a massive 78-acre property, MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is our top pick located on the north shore of Lake Erie. In contrast to the other marinas on the list, this giant marina permits cottage owners to rent access to its waterways, particularly for those cottages that back onto the marina channels. Taking into account the cottage owners, the acreage of this marina is approximately 110 acres, making it the largest on our list in both scenarios. The marina provides a range of services including a 12-nozzle fuel dock, boat maintenance, a restaurant, Sea-Doo rentals and a used boat dealership.

2. The Marina of Wye Heritage

Although Wye Heritage Marina claims to be the largest freshwater marina in Canada on their website, it came in second place and didn’t measure up under our investigation. Their claim of having 800 slips puts them below two marinas on our list in that category. After analyzing Google Maps satellite images, we estimate their size to be around 70 acres, despite their claim of sitting on about 100 acres over the phone. Wye Heritage, situated in Midland, Ontario on the beautiful Georgian Bay, is another property owned by Parkbridge.

3. Visit the Kelowna Yacht Club

Kelowna Yacht Club, with approximately 24 acres, is one of the most compact large marinas in Canada, advertising around 1000 slips for rent on their website. This marina has been around for over 70 years and offers an enormous and likely one of the nicest yacht clubs in British Columbia.

4. Krate’s Marina

Krate’s Marina, situated in Keswick, Ontario, comprises 32 acres and accommodates over 500 slips. Krate’s Marina is located on the southern shore of Lake Simcoe, approximately an hour’s drive from the heart of Toronto via the ON-404 highway. Their marina now offers a parts and service department, as well as a boat rental program that was recently added.

5. Discover Outer Harbour Marina

Outer Harbour Marina is our most urban marina, located just 10 minutes away from the downtown core of Toronto and a few minutes away from Billy Bishop Airport, making it one of the most accessible marinas. Located on Lake Ontario, Outer Harbour Marina has over 600 slips that cover about 33 acres. At a starting price of $104 per foot, a standard 30-foot boat can expect to pay over $3100 plus tax per season.

6. Discover the Bridgeview Yachting Centre

Just a couple thousand feet away from the USA, Sarnia is home to the Bridgeview Yachting Centre. This marina claims to offer more than 750 slips and is situated on at least 35 acres. Bridgeview offers a variety of unique amenities, including an outdoor pool, dockside barbecues, and air-conditioned washrooms. They are situated on the southern edge of Lake Huron.

7. Friday Harbour

Friday Harbour on Lake Simcoe is a year-round $1.5 billion resort project that stands out from the majority of our list. It offers everything from a golf course to multi-million dollar condos and a whopping 2000 slip marina, making it the largest capacity marina in Canada. The marina on our list has 2000 slips, making it the largest, but CTV News reported that it only occupies 40 acres of the 600-acre resort. Friday Harbour is a top non-boater destination on our list, largely due to the abundance of non-boater activities available.

8. The Centre for Yachting in Bay Port

With a capacity of over 700 slips, Bay Port Yachting Centre is a top destination in Georgian Bay. Although their friendly staff reported a modest 5 acres over the phone, Google Maps satellite imaging showed that they were over 45 acres, making them not only a top 3 contender but probably the most modest marina on the list. Just like Friday Harbour, Bay Port is also owned by Parkbridge, Canada’s largest owner and operator of residential land lease communities and resorts.


In conclusion, Bay Port Yachting Centre is a hidden gem in the heart of Georgian Bay. With a capacity of over 700 slips, it offers ample space for boaters of all kinds to enjoy the beautiful waters of the bay. Despite their modesty, their size is impressive, with over 45 acres of space available for guests. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or just starting out, Bay Port Yachting Centre is a destination not to be missed.

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