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How to Be happy Again after the Breakup or Lost.

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Breaking up suck! Either breaking up from a relationship. Breaking up from a job. Lost one of a family member.

Any form of separation from the person that we had spent so much time together on day to day life, that gave us so much joy and memories. Either good memories or bad memories, that makes us feel alive and important and suddenly has to be taken away from us.

Breaking up is always make us feel sad and depress. We quite often questioning ourselves what did I do wrong? How do I suppose to move on? How am I going to cope with this heartache? How am I going to be happy again?

There is no easy fix to have the same feeling as it was before the breakup or at lost happened. Nothing it will go back to normal again as it used to be.

But we can always at least try to find ourselves slowly to be happy and move on from the breakup or at lost.

Here are 5 tips on how you can try to be happy again.

  • 1. Take a long walk into the wood (sound familiar?).

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State did just that after she lost in a Presidential election.

Hiking down the wood, enjoy the fresh air and stay out of all the noises from people around you that trying to give you more advice that sometimes, it doesn’t really help. What you need some time just to be alone and do some thinking, reflect yourselves.

  • 2. De-clutter your space.

Get rid some of the memories you had in the past. Either put them in the storage or just give away to goodwill. I know by doing this is really suck. Sometimes, it gives you feeling to break down and it’s hard to let go of the memories, such a the clothes, he or she used to wear. Or the stuff that you used to use at work that can’t be used anymore. All the things that set you free and let you move on to become happy again. Just let them go.

  • 3. Go back to the gym.

If you had been absent for a while because of your feeling depress of the breakup or at lost that make you didn’t want to do anything at all. Or if you never had a gym membership, go get signup to the gym and get some adrenalin pumping up. Some of the gyms also have a yoga class that you can take. It will help you to breathe better and think clearly. It will make yourselves feel good and start to be happy again.

  • 4. Do some writing

Write down the thing you want to accomplish before you even had a relationship or had a full-time job. You probably miss having an art class that you always dream off or an acting class that you won’t be able to take it because you were too busy working. Or write your own story, what will affect you the most in your life by losing someone or your job? How are you going to move on from now on? Make a list what the thing that makes you happy by yourself without the other person. Do something that you felt annoyed by the other person and now you can do whatever you want without anyone nagging at you.  Set your own goal that you just want to be happy finding your own path. And everything else will follow and fall in a place together.

  • 5. Travel.

Uh yeah….. Travelling is always fun. Either by yourself or with your partner. Pack your bag. Go to places where you never been before. Places on your bucket list that you always dream off to go. Learn to do surf on a beautiful sandy beach in Bali. Ride an elephant in Thailand. Make a trip to Nepal by train from Moscow. Travel across Europe. Teach an English class while traveling to the third world country. They seem always looking for some native English speaker to teach a local student or even an International school in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and many other countries. And it’s always fun to learn a local culture. Be open-minded to try a local delicatessen. Learn something new while traveling, such a learn a traditional dancing or traditional cooking. You never know, you might find a new hobby, new friends, and new love:)

Be happy out there and free yourself from the heartache, sadness and determine to yourselves that you needed to be happy for your own soul and health.

So, those are some of the things that you can do to make yourselves to be happy again and let go of your sadness in life. At least, a try from now. I sure there is more you can do to make yourselves to be happy again. I will let you know when it comes to mind.

By: Maria Shinta

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