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28 Great Things To Do Before Turning 28

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1. Travel, travel, travel and see the world

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2. Go skydiving. Just for the sake of it.

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3. Write a book. Who knows when you will have time again?

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4. Pick your favourite festival in the world and just get there

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5. Do a nudey swim at sunrise


6. Spend ALL of your money on something superfluous

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7. Take an art class. Or a life drawing class. Or any creative class

kaboompics.com_Top view of colored pencils (2)
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8. Hike a snowy mountain

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9. Go to a yoga and health retreat

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10. Go on a massive back-roads road trip

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11. Volunteer

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12. Spend at least a few days living off the land (Or trying to)

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13. Go horse riding

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14. Learn a new language

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15. Go deep-sea diving

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16. Go to a massive party you’ve heard about where you don’t know anyone

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17. Star gaze for a whole night

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18. Sing at a karaoke night (especially if you are terrible. Or scared. Or both.)

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19. Do one thing that really scares you

Thailand, Koh Taen, Insel vor Koh Samui, Mann springt vom Boot ins Meer, Trauminsel, Asien, 2010, QF; (Bildtechnik: sRGB, 34.48 MByte vorhanden) Landschaft, Aussicht, Sprung, springen, Wasser,Photo credit: Thoman Linkel, LAIF/REDUX/

20. Try your hand at public speaking

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21. Get in touch with someone you have lost touch with

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22. Go without your phone or computer for one whole week

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23. Have a great big dinner party with all of your favourite people

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24. Learn an instrument

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25. Be inspired by nature


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26. Do something beautiful for someone you really love

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27. Do something really beautiful for yourself

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28. Work out what your greatest dream is and go for it

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