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34 Signs You’re Not Her First or Her Last

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Judging someone by their past is wrong and everyone should be given a fair chance to show who they really are. People make mistakes and do things they can’t take back. However, people rarely change and your partner’s past may be able to offer you some insight on who you’re really dating and what is to come in your relationship.

1. She is way more social than you are.

Girls who sleep around tend to love attention more than anything. This means they’ll be at social events and parties quite often, likely a lot more than you.

2. She is not very feminine.

Can she cook? Does she have feminine hobbies or interests? We’re talking about the vocal tomboy here.

3. Most of her friends are guys.

You know, the girl “gets along with guys better because girls are dramatic.” Male friends provide constant attention and validation. Likely a handful of those guy friends have already hooked up or slept with your baby girl and you’re pretty much the naive joke of the room when you’re together. They will jump on any opportunity with her, single or not.

4. She was sexually abused as a child.

Sexual abuse is not a joking matter, but there are enough statistics out there by now that sexual abuse leads to a number of problems.

5. She has mommy/daddy issues.

We all heard of the term “daddy issues.” Basically when a girl is growing up, the absence of her father in those years will spill over into the hands of any other male in her life. Divorced parents also tend to be an issue, as some people tend to deal with their problems with sex.

6. She smokes.

If you’re not a smoker, don’t date someone who is. You’ll always be wondering about what kind of conversation they are having in the smoker’s corner.

7. Guys hit on her in front of you.

Guys will be guys but it’s her job to not lead them on. Guys will offer her shots or drinks but whether or not you come up in conversation is up in the air. Her body language with them such as eye contact, smiling, laughing, flirting, conversation, will tell you everything you need to know. After a 10 minute conversation, does she even know his name?

8. She likes to get drunk.

Lots of students like to get drunk, but some girls love to use alcohol as an excuse to push the boundaries and some often don’t remember the night past 10 PM. If she likes to get drunk and doesn’t remember everything, she probably has some secret stories about waking up to a random dude with her dress over her head. If she can drink more than you, uh oh. Red flag!

9. She likes to go out without you.

There’s nothing good about spontaneous weekly nights out without you.

10. She is jealous of your attention.

You can be the most faithful and quietest guy in the room, but if a girl smiles at you and she freaks out in an insecure rage, there’s your warning. Often this ties into forms of projection, where she’ll accusing you of emotional infidelity when she’s likely the most infidel or unfaithful one in the relationship.

12. She pursued you.

She’s used to going out and getting the man what she wants. If she wants to sleep with him, she will go and fetch him herself.

13. She cheated on a previous boyfriend.

Cheaters don’t change. They’ll throw an excuse up every time and whether or not you take the bait, that’s up to you.

14. You started a relationship off a one-night-stand or fling.

This one is comical. You think your connection was some sort of magical one-in-a-lifetime incident? Ya right, this isn’t a Disney movie! It was a sleazy night and you were supposed to be a one-night-stand but you couldn’t let go of her like all the other guys did. You can tell everything about her by how you started off.

15. She has had an abortion.

There are so many forms of protection and to not use any, is purely irresponsible. This is not someone you want to be with.

16. She is emotionally unstable.

If she is bipolar or has any sort of social or mental disorder, she very well may seek validation from anyone around. If you’re not around, anyone will do.

17. She is insecure about her image and seeks validation.

If posting selfies and sending sleazy snapchats doesn’t fill her crave for attention, she will seek validation from guys who she thought were out of her league. If you’re dating her, once she realizes you’re not special enough to validate her with compliments, she will need to find another source for guys to validate her, and she will move on to sleep with them.

18. She has visible tattoos, unique hair color or piercings in abnormal places.

If her tattoos are more than a couple small birds, but rather a large visible coating of ink, she is likely rebellious and will do and spend her nights with, who she wants.

19. She cusses a lot.

If she uses the words “f**k” or “p*ssy” a lot outside the bedroom, it’s a pretty classless sign for a lady to be saying. I’m not sure why this becomes a common thing for these kinds of girls, but maybe it’s because they’re so used to screaming it in the bedroom.

20. She is not ticklish.

She is probably used to being handled by other guys. Touch just doesn’t do anything anymore. Think of girls you know who are ticklish and those who are not. It’s odd to find out how accurate this can be.

21. She has large breasts.

That’s not to say that all women with large breasts sleep around but generally they can become used to the attention from guys and many women fall victim to the attention.

22. She shows excessive skin.

It’s freezing cold outside and she’s wearing a bralette to the club. Really? Bring the attention over here people.

23. Her friends have slept around.

This is probably the strongest signal in the whole list. It’s been said you are an average of the 5 people you hang around the most. If her 3 best friends are constantly riding the carousel (and she will tell you that they sleep with more people than her) and her other 2 best friends are guys, that says a lot about who you’re dating, man.

24. She is interested in other girls.

Bisexuallity is often associated with hypersexuality. If she has hooked up with other girls, it’s certainly a sign that she loves sex in general and will always need someone, guy or girl. Be careful.

25. She’s in a sorority.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great marriage-material women that come out of sororities. However, when your campus fraternity brothers gain this “fboy” reputation, who do you think they’ve been sleeping and racking up kills with? Yup, you’re sweetie and her sorority friends. Sororities are used as the carousel that the campus fraternities ride.

26. She has travelled alone or with only girls to hook-up destinations.

We all know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and that’s why so many purely girl or guy groups love to vacation there. What does Jamaica, Bahamas, Cancun, San Diego and Miami all have in common? They are the place to go on spring break for drunken hook ups. If you ask her about it, she’ll probably tell you sex on vacation doesn’t count.

27. She was a cheerleader in high school.

Cheerleaders tend to be the target of the most desirable dudes in school and crave attention. Case closed.

28. She goes to a school with a party reputation.

In California, USC, or many of the lower UCs tend to be the destination school for most of these girls. If all of her friends are going, she probably will follow the pack and go there too and do whatever they do. Everyone needs a bed to sleep in at the end of the night.

29. She lost her V-card at a young age.

Was she under 15? Maybe she was in a long term relationship with a boyfriend at that age, but I am almost positive, your sweetie was not in a relationship if she was that young.

30. She’s close with DJs, promoters or club owners.

In the world of clubbing, it’s girls and their open legs that keep the system flowing. Their income relies on the fact that your girl shows up to “mingle” with the dudes who blow the money.

31. She is a feminist.

Feminists will fight back against slut-shaming, oddly enough by sleeping with more guys to prove that it’s okay for girls to sleep around as much as guys.

32. She likes tequila and party drugs like ecstasy.

Someone promiscuous probably already popped into your mind when you read this.

33. She is a wanna-be model.

Models love attention because it gives them validation. What better way to make up for her struggling modelling career than to get validation by sleeping with a bunch of guys who are out of her league?

34. She has always kept her body evenly tanned.

You always have to look good naked!

The main theme of all 34 of these points is attention. Imagine if all the guys she hooked up with still liked all her photos and sent compliments and flowers, she wouldn’t be so attention deprived. However, that’s not how it works and she found out how to lose their attention. Give the guys what they want and they’ll be on their way.

So, she’s slept with a bunch of dudes. Now it’s up to you whether or not you let it affect you. There’s no need to overthink about her past, and I know you’re sitting there doing the math… “Okay, she’s 22 now, she lost her virginity at a young 15 and she has slept with a whopping 21 dudes. So that’s 3 dudes a year. Is 3 a year bad? That’s a rotation on the carousel every 4 months.”

So next time you meet a girl at the bar and you’re thinking a relationship, there are countless questions you can ask her, before you even get to know her to figure out who she really is. Did her dad buy her car? Is she a brunette or blonde? Does she smoke? Is she in a sorority? Is she catholic? Does her name end with ‘-ie’? Is she in college? By looking at her social media, what kind of stuff does she post? Selfies? Nature? Family? Animals?

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