4 Easy Steps to Turn Your Home Video into Creative Results

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Video editing has come a long way in the past couple of years. The difference between traditional and modern editing processes is that it is no longer done manually in a dark room, instead, there are software apps that help customizing videos and adding spark to the clips.

With the introduction of many video editing apps, the comparison has become more complex. Since different features are offered by commercially available tools, it is the user’s choice based on specific demands as to which tool one must go with.

Although the editing features are incorporated in all video retouching apps, the attributes such as background reset, high-resolution videos, customized titles and compatibility with many multiple file formats are something that differentiates a tool from other products of the same caliber.

What End User Expects?

In the technologically advanced era, where social platforms have become a must-have platform for every individual, editing videos with additional effects no more requires technical expertise. These tasks are instead performed by almost everyone in the daily routine. At present there are several free and paid video editing applications; selecting one incorporated with all advanced features is quite a tricky task.

  • Video editing tools with minimum editing efforts and extended features are in demand nowadays.
  • The product must deliver desired results in minimum video editing and rescaling operations.
  • Professional quality rich videos with nondestructive editing tools are in demand so the tool must deliver desired results.

Some tools offer easy video editing and rescaling facilities in minimal operational steps.

Step 1: Import Video, Audio, and Images in Different Formats

With any video editing tool, first of all, the user needs to create a project. Once the project is created, a video can be added thereafter. The tool must be capable enough to upload videos from various devices such as mobile devices, digital cameras, and camcorders. High-definition video formats must be supported.

Video recordings via Computer or laptop’s webcam can also be edited using the app. The tool must be integrated with a Media library that stores and organizes videos and can be utilized for organized management of media.

While importing videos from external resources and editing them the software must provide an ease to filter video clips. Also, the tool must allow for the organization of video clips with various attributes and naming conventions such as name, date, or duration.

Step 2: Edit & Organize Elements in Magnetic Timeline

Once the video clips are imported, the next step that each tool must offer is to edit the videos to turn them into creative artwork. The tool must offer a comprehensive editing package that includes trimming, splitting, rotating, cropping, and joining videos.

Users must get the ability to edit video sequences and arrange the clips in the order they want them to be. Clips from the media library can be selected, edited, and deleted as per user instructions.

Here, while editing and organizing elements in the magnetic timeline, users must be able to videos to the timeline. Access to sample videos should be allowed while editing and reorganizing the videos.

Step 3: Add Effects, Music, Filters Titles to Videos

Adding a large number of filters to the videos turns them into attractive and creative movies. The tools must support features where background clips can also be edited and frames can be added to videos.

Nowadays, many tools offer adding as well as removing filters from the project. One such tool is Filmora powered with a Media library where the Left panel of the library is the place to store filters or overlays. Filters can also be customized as per specified needs.

The tool allows modifying the opacity as well as the duration of the clip. You can add your favorite filters to the ‘Add to Favorite’ category. After applying filters, the video clips can be viewed in the Preview panel.

Step 4: Export & Share Videos to Social Platforms

Once all the editing works are done appropriately, the last step should allow exporting videos. The tool must allow saving projects in multiple ways including

  • Export to iOS/ Android device
  • Export by various formats
  • Burn videos on DVD
  • Direct upload to social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

This step must allow users to share videos in various file formats such as FLV, WEBM, MP4, AVI, HTML5, MPEG2, MP3, MOV, WMV, and many more. Videos must be stored in the desired location on the machine.

Considering all the above functional steps that a user expects from any video editing tool, it can be said that Wondershare Filmora (video editor app) is encapsulated with all such attributes.

Features of Video Editing App

Let’s take a tour of the features that Filmora incorporates to get a glimpse of if it fits creative community desires.

  • Simple User Interface

The functional procedure to edit the video into creative work is quite straightforward. The simplicity of the video editing app makes it easy to explore the tool for beginners as they can make impressive clips with the help of the software.

  • Powerful Visual Effects

The platform allows users to bring their imagination to reality via more than 100 unique and attractive visual effects. These visual effects are strong enough to turn video clips into influential videos.

  • Persuasive Text & Titles

Trendy typographic effects and professionally animated titles serve as strong design elements. Motion and Still graphics can also be added to the video clips to make the videos more entertaining.

Wondershare offers two different versions include a trial version and a licensed version. With the launch of its new version 7.0, it has become more advanced; and optimized with smart features. The software provides a way to transform home videos into professionally edited clips in a few simple steps.

The updated version comes with a few updates that include

  • Addition of dark skin tome that protects eyes
  • Compatibility to 4K video resolution
  • Advanced text and title editing tools

In addition, it is also compatible with multiple Operating Systems including Windows and Mac. It can be downloaded from the official website of Filmora following the link:

Final Conclusion

As a whole, it can be concluded that nowadays, users become more particular about their needs and what they expect from any tool. Especially, when it comes to video editing software they want a bunch of features that deliver the best results in minimal steps. So, when people have become more creative than ever, reviewing the features and functionality expectations of end users; Filmora video editing software can be considered a potential video editing app.


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