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7 Tech Startups Wanting To Change The Way We Shop

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We all like to shop, some of us perhaps a bit too much.

Walking down the high street can often become a stressful and chaotic experience. That is why so many of us have converted to the luxury of shopping online. But, it’s not without its own flaws.

Changes are constantly on the horizon when it comes to retail, with companies constantly trying to think up new and innovative ideas for us all to remain loyal to retailers.

So, let’s take a look at seven of the most interesting and up-coming tech startups that are wanting to change the way in which we shop, both online and in store.

1. iBeacon Smart Beacon

Already approved by tech giants Apple and Google, the iBeacon is officially ready to take over.

The core idea behind iBeacon’s technology is to provide a localized service to users who are constantly on the go. With the installed and set up Smart Beacon, retailers will be able to deliver offers and a customised service to those passing by all via the customer’s smartphone.

It’s a development that seemed to be pretty inevitable due to the fact that pretty much everyone now has a smart phone or smart device. Customers are not responding to billboards or other physical forms of advertising as much nowadays, and this is hoping to get back that lost custom.

2. Glovo

We’ve all used takeaway or online grocery services that deliver our food for us, but how about something that’ll deliver pretty much anything?

With busy people in mind, Glovo is a Spanish start-up that has decided to provide an on-demand local delivery service that’ll allow users to request whatever they want delivered to their door within the hour.

Take, for example, there’s something in town from a very elite independent clothing store you want. They don’t offer an online delivery service but it’s an outfit you really wanted for your night out tonight…But you finish work the same time as they do. Glovo can help you with that problem.

3. Of A Kind

With so many retail outlets available nowadays, it’s hard to pick one that speaks out to you.

Considered as being like a hybrid of Tumblr and online shopping, the people behind online store Of a Kind believe the best way to connect to your consumers is share the story behind what you buy. The site features a detailed background behind each item, telling customers a bit about the people who made the product.

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, the ladies behind Of a Kind, said that:

“What we quickly figured out was that our audience was really discovering and falling in love with these designers through our site. They weren’t just buying the limited edition pieces, they were going off and searching for a matching bracelet and earrings.”

4. Everywalk

A Manchester-based start up has decided that it’s time to sort out the way in which we shop online.

Everywalk allows users to create their very own personalised high street in a bid to create some order amongst the growing number of online shops.

You can add all your favourite retailers into your ‘high street’ so that they’re all organised into the one place together to be easily found. The site offers up a number of leading and independent brands and makes it pretty easy to find new brands right there and then. The site is also expected to start launching exclusive discounts soon too.

Chris Fogg, the founder of Everywalk says:

“We’re aiming to energise online shopping and enhance the high street, not replace it.”

5. Gousto

Another one built for convenience, Gousto was created when founders Timo Schmidt and James Carter discovered that people weren’t making enough well-balanced and nutritious meals throughout the week due to being too busy.

The idea is simple, Gousto come up with healthy and balanced recipes each week and then deliver the recipe, alongside all the ingredients needed, to your door so that there’s really no excuse. The company is all about sustainability and using organic produce, so you also know it’s going to be great quality food.

6. ThirdLove

For any ladies out there, getting fit for a bra can be a pretty awkward and uncomfortable experience.

Thirdlove are here to help, with a patented new approach to bra fitting. The process is pretty simple and can all be done via your smartphone without having to leave your home. Take two photos wearing a tight-fitting tank top and the ThirdLove app will get to work to determine your perfect bra size.

Still curious? Take a look:

7. OakLabs

The interactive Oak Fitting Room is ambitious and is hoping to change the way we shop online.

Using a touchscreen mirror, customers can interact to choose their preferences and order. Set to launch in New York at the Polo Ralph Lauren store in New York City, customers will be able to adapt and amend their order whilst in the fitting room.

According to OakLabs, their aim is simple:

“We are bridging the worlds of tech and retail, designing elegant, intuitive customer experiences that will transform the way we think about shopping forever.”

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to using any of these technologies or sites on your next shopping trip?

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