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7 Ways for Adults to Play More and Enjoy Life

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7 Ways for Adults to Play More and Enjoy Life

Kids know how to have fun and make the most of every day. They laugh, they sing, they roll around in the grass, all in the name of enjoyment. But as soon as they graduate, the fun seems to end. The parties become infrequent, the trips to the amusement park end, and working and paying bills becomes the primary focus. So many grown-ups have lost the ability to have fun and enjoy their lives, but with a few simple changes anyone can recreate their love of games, and rediscover their childhood happiness.

1. Make a Schedule

Though this sounds like more work, it is a necessary start. After all, people schedule most aspects of their lives, including meetings, doctor or dentist appointments, shopping trips, even mealtimes. When creating a daily schedule, add in a half an hour of fun every day, and a couple of hours on the weekend or a day off. And rather than devoting holidays to yard work or cleaning out the attic, go on a proper vacation.

2. Get Outside

There are so many fun activities that take place outdoors. Scavenger hunts, water parks, or the beach are all thought to be just for kids, but which adults can enjoy as well. Helping a child build a sandcastle is so much fun, and smashing it after is even better. But be sure to use sunscreen, and to reapply over the course of the day, especially if playing in the water, to prevent sunburns.

3. Exercise

Don’t think of exercise as a grueling half hour of sweating or lifting weights. There are so many ways to make it fun. Add music, or apps to pass the time while working out. Join a class that makes it seem more like play, such as pole dancing, Zumba, or dance classes. Any sport enjoyed during childhood, such as baseball or soccer, will provide the same level of fun for an adult.

4. Adult Games

Having fun doesn’t just mean playing childhood games. There are numerous games aimed at adults, which range from clean board games to naughty Pictionary. Head over to a casino and play some fun games like cards or slot machines.  If the crowds of the casinos are too much to take, there are also online betting options, many of which can be played for free.

5. Be Creative

Games and sports aren’t the only way to have fun. Whatever a person enjoys doing can help bring happiness to life. Writing, painting, sewing, knitting, and sculpting are all pleasurable creative activities, and if done well enough, can even earn a person some extra money. There are also jigsaw puzzles, baking, or even LEGO. Adult coloring books are everywhere, and offer relaxation as well as enjoyment.

6. Take Some Personal Time

Enjoyment doesn’t only mean playing games and running around. Sometimes, it is nice to spend time alone, just relaxing in any way that is suitable. Watching a movie, stretching out in a bubble bath with a good book, or doing meditations can relieve any stress built up over the day. Taking some time to beautify is also important for the ladies. Moisturizing the skin, using chosen products to reduce lines in the face and dark circles under the eyes can make a woman feel great about herself. Spending some time being pampered at a spa can provide as much enjoyment for a grownup as an hour of playtime can be for a child.

7. Socialize More

When grownups go out together, they schedule grownup activities, such as dinners, movies, book clubs, or going to the theater. As entertaining as these activities can be, after a while, they can become stale. That’s why it is important to mix it up when going out with friends or a significant other. Go to a theme park and ride the rollercoaster. Get a group together for a round of paintball. Or fill a kiddie pool with water, but don’t swim in it.  Instead, use it to fill a bunch of water guns and soak each other in the backyard.

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