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A New Approach To Training Your Brain

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Whether you’re a student preparing for an exam, a professional starting your first career job or someone who’s looking forward to retirement, staying mentally sharp is important. But unlike our bodies, we’re not too good at keeping our brains in check.

So here are 3 tips from Wink Bingo for giving your mental muscles a damn good workout. Importantly, none of these are to do with snazzy apps or gizmos – they’re simple actionable things you can do every day.

Take a look at the rest of their infographic on brain training for more handy hints.

Go for a run in your local park

Running is a great way to keep your synapses in shape. The Wink Bingo research shows even a half hour’s run can improve reaction times and your ability to learn. If you’re new to running, opt for a brisk walk instead and build it up slowly.

Play a game online

Okay, so it won’t necessarily keep you fit, but playing a game from your mobile can improve your cognition – video games, for example, can improve reaction times by up to 25% and a game of bingo can improve brain function by more than 2.5%.


How often do you smile? Maybe you should smile a bit more. That’s because a single smile – just one – can be as pleasurable (but not nearly as unhealthy) as eating 2,000 chocolate bars!

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