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Aging Gracefully

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A lot of us might have thought that age just a number. Who would thought that will affect us on many levels in a society and the way you socialize with. Based on my own personal life. I personally don’t like when someone asks me, how old are you? I’m a very private person. You have to know me for years and be my best friend to know my real age.


I like how my acting coach told me that in this industry you never give away your real age. If someone asks you, how old are you? The answer would be, what character do you want me to be? In that case, just remind me of the article I read a while back as follows: <a href=””>Actress wants $1 million for age reveal on IMDb</a>


It’s an old school etiquette that still persists: it’s downright rude to ask a woman her age. It might seem silly, but there’s a lot of societal pressure on women to seem young for as long as humanly possible.or longer. So asking, “how old are you?” is often a time bomb of bad social behavior. But the stakes on perceived age are even higher in Hollywood, where there are scads of roles for ingenues, but fewer and fewer parts as an actress get older.


That’s very true as we get older, it is harder to find the role that fits our age. But that doesn’t mean there is no opportunity. There will always be an opportunity. Older actor, older crowd. Look at Betty White, she is about 90 years old and she still rocking the entertainment world. And we are still laughing at her wittiness and comedic line.


To be continued….

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