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He Prepares These For His Wife After 67 Years Of Marriage Before It’s Too Late

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On Valentine’s Day, a 84-year-old Chinese man prepared a surprise for his wife for the first time during their 67-year marriage. “I love you” was shown on the hotel building, while they were having a belated wedding ceremony on the lawn outside.


“We used to undergo lots of challenges and struggles. And we fight and get angry with each other. But we’ve never thought of divorce.” the old man said. One regret was that his wife had never worn a wedding dress and there was no official wedding ceremony in those years. In recent years the 84-year-old wife’s health has been going worse, having to use a wheel chair. And this old man, who hadn’t done anything romantic or said “I love you” before, wanted to give her an official and spectacular wedding ceremony, before it’s too late.

He kissed her and said “I love you”, which is not a common phrase for the older generation in Asian societies. People watching were also moved to tears.


The words shown on the buildings weren’t simply digital display. It was the combination of lights from 220 rooms of the hotel, booked by the successful and wealthy grandson of the old man.


Although there was no official marriage certificate, the love between them has been linking them strongly. And this ceremony, shows us the man’s efforts to make every second count.

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