How Not To Let Surprises Get You Down And To Stay Mentally Strong

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Surprises are inevitable. When unexpected things happen, however, we can feel a range of uncomfortable emotions. Yet, we can always learn from our experiences and learn to manage expectations in preparation for everything that life brings. Here are a few strategies for how we can best prepare for, deal with, and learn from surprises.

1. Think of five of the worst-case scenarios

Think of five of the worst-case scenarios so that you are mentally prepared for what might happen. And think of plans for how you can deal with each scenario.


2. Always have a plan B

Make sure you have a back-up plan (or at least a parachute to escape the situation!).

3. Fake it ’til you make it

Get really good at pretending you are not surprised, so you’ll remain calm no matter what.


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4. Expect the unexpected

Learn from your experiences and get used to expecting the unexpected. Life may be unpredictable, but common sense and preparedness will help get you through.


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5. Phone a friend

Have a friend you know will always have your back — no matter what happens (they can help you crash land!).


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