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Less Eating Out Challenge Day 5: Get A Good Sleep

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Day 5 challenge is to get a good sleep.

How to do it?

  • Stay away from your gadgets before you sleep. You’ll not be disturbed by pop-ups from your smartphones.
  • Listen to soft music. It helps relax your mind and induce sleepiness.
  • Dim the light in your bedroom. Light can be a disturbance when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Why it matters?

  • A good sleep reduces your fatigue at day time and you’ll be less tempted to have junk food in restaurants. 


  • Don’t forget to prepare a quick and delicious dinner to treat yourself for the hard work of the whole week!
  • In the weekend, you can still have one or two meals out as a treat. But don’t forget to make this challenge a habit for the coming days. 

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