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Tag Your Friend Who Always Makes These 30 Photography Mistakes

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Taking a photograph can look deceptively simple. We all have had trouble getting the perfect shot, and some of the time, we end up with images that do not do justice to our memories. Once more, we all have friends who post photographs on Facebook and share photographs with us on WhatsApp that leave a lot to be desired. Here are 30 photographic mistakes that you and your friends are all likely to have made at one point or another.

1. When you take an action shot, try to photograph the moment in a way that makes it comprehensible.


2. If you photograph a portrait with glasses, try to avoid reflections.

avoid glasses reflections

3. When you photograph a person in black clothing, try to photograph them against a white background.

black on white

4. When you take a picture, it is best to hold the camera straight.

camra straight

5. When you take a picture of a child, try to photograph them from their eye level.


6. Color photographs should not look too green.

color no green

7. When you photograph in-color, the colors should be bright and visible.

color vs black and white

8. When you take digital photographs, try to make sure that the photographs are large in size so the quality is not lost when you print or share them.

digital photography

9. Try to avoid dust and scratches on your camera lens.

dust and scratches

10. When you photograph, don’t forget to pay attention to the exposure.


11. When you take a picture, try to make sure your finger doesn’t get in the way.


12. When you take a photograph of a person in a dark place, it is best to use the flash.


13. When you take a picture of a subject, don’t forget to make sure it is in focus.


14. When you take a landscape picture, try to avoid disruptive elements which may partly or completely cover the view.


15. When you take a picture, hold the camera still through the length of the shutter opening and closing to avoid multiple exposure.

multiple exposures

16. When you use your flash, try not to over expose the foreground.


17. When you photograph a person standing in the street, try to avoid people who are passing by as they may partially or completely block the subject from view.

passers by

18. When you take a portrait photograph, make sure that the person is in focus.

portrait focus

19. When you take a portrait photograph, make sure that the skin tone of the person looks natural.

portrait skin tone

20. When you take a portrait photograph, it is best to get close to the subject.


21. When you take a portrait photograph, try to avoid red eye, which can be caused by flash.

red eyes

22. When you take a picture of a runner, try to use a fast shutter speed and plenty of light so that the runner is clearly visible.


23. When you take a photograph, try to avoid photographing your own shadow.


24. When you take a photograph, try not to shake the camera.

shake camera

25. If you take a picture in sunny weather, it is better not to photograph towards the sun.

sunny weather

26. Try to avoid photographing subjects from too close.

too close

27. Try to avoid too high saturation.

too high saturation

28. If you take a picture of your T.V. try to avoid black lines and reflection.


29. When you take a photograph, take care to choose the right format: vertical or horizontal.

vertical and horizontal

30. Try to photograph still-life settings in a way that ensures all the elements are clearly visible.

zstill life

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