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The Magic of Tears.

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It relieves all the pain in the heart
It’s joy of the happiness in the soul
It also to express the anger, unhappiness when life doesn’t go your way
Tear can’t lie
So does the eyes
Tear & eyes are the expression for what you feel at the past, at the moment & the future
Tears & eyes are the window to your soul
Tear is 1 percent of water
And 99 percentage of feeling
In tears doesn’t make you a weak person
It shows that you are a strong enough to be vulnerable
It shows that you have a sensitivities in your heart
I cry when I go to bed
I cry when I drive around in town by myself
I cry when I’m alone
I cry when I’m happy
I cry when I watch a sad movie
There are so many thing that makes me cry when my thought wander around
Tears & I are becoming a best friend forever
Don’t be ashamed if you cry
Be thankful that you still can cry

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