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This Cute Bike Can Play Music On Its Wheels

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Bike, feature

Bike, featureIt’s a bicycle, it’s a record player, it’s… both!

“Do I Hear A Waltz?” is a song from a musical. A woman sings the song’s title and wonders if she hears music that isn’t there.

Bicycle riders might wonder the same thing. Wonder no more. The music is real, and coming from the wheels of this bike.

No need for portable speakers in a basket. The wheels of this bike provide the music.


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Unique Features

Considering the popularity of songs that are mash-ups today, this 2011 invention is timely.

Each bicycle wheel is designed like a turntable and holds a different vinyl record. You can listen to one record at a time, or create your own mash-up and listen to both simultaneously.

This is possible by the addition of two speakers on the bike, one on the front and one at the back.

Turning the pedals cranks the music which is projected through the speakers. Pedaling faster or slower will change the speed of the music.

When asked why they invented the bike, the Dutch team of inventors explained they were hoping to encourage exercise.

Whether they encourage exercise or mash-up making, they have certainly created a conversation piece.

Its price, as well as its availability, is unknown.


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