Why You’re Actually Hating Yourself If You Argue With People Who Treat You Badly

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Arguing can be mighty tempting! But it also might not be your thing. That little voice inside you knows that arguing won’t really solve anything, and that you will just feel worse for it. Here’s why.

You don’t want to give them the satisfaction

Retaliation is what they are looking for. It gratifies their behaviour and makes them feel good about themselves. You don’t want them to feel satisfied knowing they got to you, or that their behaviour is acceptable. YOU know it’s not. And you don’t want to fight.

Don’t stoop to their level

We’ve all heard it before. We know we will be just as bad as them if we let ourselves stoop to the same low. Instead we rise above, as hard as it may seem at the time. Knowing inside yourself how much you will, and can, love yourself is so much more powerful.

Staying strong

Staying strong in the moment will cement your strength in all moments. You will be more secure within yourself every time you practice this act of self-love (walking away) and though the other person might now show it, you know that actually, they really wish they loved themselves just as much as you do.

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