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Why You Should Keep a Fitness Journal to Jumpstart Weight Loss

Reading Time: 6 minutes Having a fitness journal is a personal topic to me. In fact, if there’s one thing I probably regret the most in my previous years in the gym, it’s not keeping a proper journal. It would’ve made all the difference. One question at my exam to getting the national fitness certification, where I placed in …

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How to Make Aging Unseeable and Even Reversible

Reading Time: 4 minutes Look at your hands. They’re one of the best predictors to tell you that you’ve been aging. Forget the wrinkles in the face, your hands tell a better story. They’ve once looked young and tense, am I right? Right now the skin may feel a little bit lose. Your bones might be popping out stronger …

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How to Go Vegan: From Meat Eating to Vegetarian

Reading Time: 5 minutes ‘I could never do that’. This is the answer I mostly hear from people once I’ve told them that I’m a vegan. And the truth is: I thought the same way before. I’ve eaten meat my entire life – like most people. Maybe I even overdid it a little bit. I’ve followed the typical bodybuilding …

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How to Lose Belly Fat: From a Big Belly to Sixpack

Reading Time: 4 minutes Everyone has body fat. Ignore the fitness magazine headline of the ripped guy saying how he literally has no fat on his body. Body Fat is necessary. It is the best fuel storage for your body as it’s providing him a lot of energy. Fat tissue is your body’s way of storing energy. Back in …


What Really Works: How to Relieve Lower Back Pain Effectively

Reading Time: < 1 minute Eight out of ten adults experience lower back pain once in their lifetime. I am one of those people and I’m definitely not looking forward to my participation award. I know how it feels like to step out of bed and barely being able to put on your socks. Having lower back pain sucks. But …