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100 Inspiring Questions That Make You Think About Your Life

100 Inspiring Questions That Make You Think About Your Life

Reading Time: 6 minutes     What makes successful people resilient and persistent in achieving their goals and desires? «He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.»  Voltaire In just a few words, Voltaire has answered. Successful people take and effort to ask the right questions that drive them to answer that adds meaning …


Leadership vs Management: Is One Better Than the Other?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Being an excellent manager doesn’t make someone a strong leader. We’ve all run into someone who uses the titles interchangeably, and it can be frustrating. Knowing the difference leadership vs management helps you understand your role in your organization. By recognizing the difference, you can sharpen your abilities so that you can reach your fullest …

Exercise Health Inspiring Motivation

74 Healthy Habits That Will Improve Your Overall Well-Being and Make You Feel Good

Reading Time: 19 minutes Poor health and low energy levels can negatively impact every part of your life. Your creative spark can be destroyed, leaving you with zero inspiration and ideas. Work would become tedious and hard going, and your social life would become a shadow of what it used to be. Life for you would no longer be …


Use This Tool And Your Mailbox Will Never Be Like A Trash Can Again

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you search the internet these days, it seems like you’re almost always prompted to enter your email address. Having a launch page that collects email addresses is one way that companies drive traffic and increase sales.[1] The deal is almost always the same, they offer you a useful download or exclusive content in exchange …


The Types of Jobs That Won’t Be Taken Over By Artificial Intelligence

Reading Time: 5 minutes Your resume will probably look pretty quaint in five years. It’s not your fault. It’s just that your job and the responsibilities you hold now and have held in the past are rapidly becoming obsolete. Blame the machines. Artificial intelligence, or AI, in the form of software systems and computer-driven robotics is already taking on …


Being a Leader Is Overrated: Find Your Unique Superpower

Reading Time: 4 minutes Having interviewed hundreds of candidates, I heard similar patterns when it came to career goals. Many people talked about wanting to be leaders or managers when talking about future aspirations, yet when asked why the answers were pretty disappointing. Most people responded with a general view that they’d just like to be some kind of …


Real Leaders Hate Managing People

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hearing the word “leader”, what first comes to mind is often “managers”. But what about Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa? They were great leaders though they weren’t managers. Both won the respect of millions, both started important social movements, and both are remembered as key influencers. Real leadership isn’t about managing people actually, it’s …


How Clutter Drains Your Brain (and What You Can Do About It)

Reading Time: 4 minutes You’re sitting on the subway or bus, trying to read something. It could be related to a work project or it could even be for pleasure. A person comes and sits down next to you. They’re in the middle of a loud personal conversation about their friend’s romantic antics. Now, instead of focusing on your …


How to Build Resilience to Survive in This Difficult World

Reading Time: 4 minutes Facing difficulties is all part of life. It can often feel like we face endless challenges instead of happy endings – when we overcome one challenge, another one rears its ugly head. Some people I know grew stronger through these challenges, some became weaker and couldn’t see hope anymore. Two friends of mine were made …


High Achievers Are the Ones Who Make the Most Mistakes

Reading Time: 5 minutes The impact mistakes have had on most people’s lives is tremendous. At school, you were taught to answer questions with model answers. At home, you were taught to be disciplined, have good manners and follow social etiquette. And at work, you’ve become accustomed to a constant expectation that you operate in a mistake-free manner! The problem …