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100 Inspiring Questions That Make You Think About Your Life

100 Inspiring Questions That Make You Think About Your Life

Reading Time: 6 minutes     What makes successful people resilient and persistent in achieving their goals and desires? «He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.»  Voltaire In just a few words, Voltaire has answered. Successful people take and effort to ask the right questions that drive them to answer that adds meaning …

how to type faster

How to Type Faster: 12 Typing Tips and Techniques

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to type faster? Typing is a lot of fun, especially if you’re the type of person who loves to write. Whenever an idea comes to your head or you just want to communicate something, the feeling of scribbling things down in a computer is awesome. Do you know that being able to type faster …


9 Tips on Multitasking Management That Will Improve Your Productivity

Reading Time: 9 minutes Multitasking management that will improve your productivity, when  you’re hungry to grow, expand and drink deeply of life, you want to be as productive as possible. And with so many choices of how to drink deeply of life, we can add a lot to our plate. It starts, innocently enough, with inspired action and a …

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Brain Food and Drink Health

13 Brain Healthy Foods That Keep Your Brain Sharp Naturally

Reading Time: 3 minutes Feeding our brain is a hot topic in the nutrition and wellness world. And it should be! Studies have shown that eating certain foods can help ward off Alzheimer’s and improve memory. But feeding your brain with high quality, unprocessed foods has been linked to incredible benefits that translate into a higher quality of life …

Fitness Motivation
Exercise Motivation

Why You Should Keep a Fitness Journal to Jumpstart Weight Loss

Reading Time: 6 minutes Having a fitness journal is a personal topic to me. In fact, if there’s one thing I probably regret the most in my previous years in the gym, it’s not keeping a proper journal. It would’ve made all the difference. One question at my exam to getting the national fitness certification, where I placed in …


24 Best Habit Tracking Apps (2018 Updated)

Reading Time: 10 minutes Everyday our lives are governed by habit. These habits are the little routines and small ways of doing things. Most people are unaware or are only slightly aware that they’re doing them. Some habits, like smoking, can have harmful effects on your health; others like procrastination can affect your work and career. Therefore it’s important …


Leadership vs Management: Is One Better Than the Other?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Being an excellent manager doesn’t make someone a strong leader. We’ve all run into someone who uses the titles interchangeably, and it can be frustrating. Knowing the difference leadership vs management helps you understand your role in your organization. By recognizing the difference, you can sharpen your abilities so that you can reach your fullest …


Achieve Inbox 0 To Increase 100% Team Efficiency

Reading Time: 3 minutes Founders and CEOs are always short on time, and their plates will never be cleared. But in order to succeed long-term, all leaders have to decide on strategic things they cannot let slip. These bottom lines form the rituals that help leaders make key decisions to help their teams get work done. It’s proven time …


5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity To Match Your Business Growth

Reading Time: 4 minutes Growth is a happy problem for any startup. You know your company is on the right track when you need more people to meet sales demands and have the budget to hire. But just growing your team or adding more hours alone isn’t enough. You and your team will need to optimize your productivity as …